Wathurawila Tea factory, then a non-operative plant, was acquired by the Evergreen group in 1990 and gradually guided it to the present successful status during last two decades. At present, Wathurawila Tea runs a 72,000 MT of made tea production per month with 4M green leaf capacity per day. This success was achieved through an almost full conversion of the factory machinery acquiring modern technology and the use of 5S management practices. Today, the rolling room is converted into a full automated status where the factory was able to reduce the labor cost while ensuring the high quality of the production. Wathurawila Tea is also famous for the payment of a competitive price for green leaf which in turn facilitated the high quality of green leaf standards. Also, the factory has employed a well-qualified group of extension officers to look after a continuous supply of good quality green leaf through a personalized extension service. Similar to all other Evergreen member, Wathurawila Te also maintains high profile relationships with both of its green leaf suppliers and staff through customer support scheme and a staff welfare scheme. Wathurawila Tea has also stepped into various environmental protection and other social responsibility activities. This includes a newly built bio-gas unit which runs on the waste of the factory and then the gas generated uses back for the factory needs.

Wathurawila Tea Factory Profile


leaf Location: Wathurawila, Galle
leaf Year started: 2012
leaf Capacity: 2,400 green leaf per day
leaf Bought leaf (2012): 4,000,000
leaf Production: 72,000 MT per month
leaf Main grades: OPA,PEKOE,FBOP,FBOPF,OP,
leaf Employment: 167
leaf Green leaf suppliers  1300


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