Being operated successfully for a long period, Pitigala Estate is now ready to introduce practically viable, eco-friendly, self-improved agricultural practices to its tea cultivation. For example, recently, the use of wild sunflower plant as a natural soil rehabilitation material at lower elevations (in addition to recommended Mana and Gauthamala) was successfully experimented. The estate best uses the thatching as a weed control method instead of the use of weedicides. Also, the mixing cultivars strategy is enormously helpful in controlling pesticide damage and all the above practices were vital in bringing ‘Pitigala’ as a pesticide free zone.

Pitigala has also provided employment for villagers and similar to all other Evergreen members, Pitigala staff is also covered by the group’s staff welfare scheme.

Also, Pitigala estate manages a standard tea nursery for its purposes and also support its neighbouring tea smallholders by distributing good quality tea nursery plants through an installment based easy payment scheme.

Pitigala Estate Profile


leaf Location: -
leaf Planting District: Galle
leaf Agro Climatic Region: WL1a
leaf Elevation: 25m
leaf Labour Force: 50


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