Over three decades, the Evergreen Group is renowned for the production of best quality low grown tea, the most wanted of the world and is being continued to do so. Having started its operations with one rented small factory in 1983, Evergreen Group has now being wide spread all over the southern kingdom of tea. There are seven tea factories operate (Evergreen, Brombil, Hill Garden, Rekadahena, Thundola, Thalangaha, Katandola) under the purview of Evergreen Group and two more factories (Wathurawila Tea Factory and Nakiyadeniya Tea Factory) are ready to serve world tea connoisseurs.

The present overall manufacturing capacity of the group exceeds 6,500 kg of green leaf per day and the annual tea production of 2.5M kg of made tea.Having located in the low grown areas, green leaf of tea smallholders are the main source of most Evergreen factories, while some factories have their own supply of green leaf from their sister tea gardens.

Despite a stiff competition from large number of tea factories of the area, Evergreen tea factories continued to attract a large volume of green leaf from tea smallholders through a strong relationship with their green leaf suppliers.

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